IT Staff Augmentation
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Lengin's dedicated developers
Lengin's dedicated developers

We need only one day upon your request to provide you with the best-fit developer.

A risk-free 2-week trial period. No charges if you are not satisfied with our specialists.

No 2nd-party developers – we hire TOP 3% specialists.

At Lengin, we empower businesses by providing dedicated developers that drive success to projects of any complexity.

Uniting deep technical expertise with a collaborative spirit, our developers ensure your projects always stay a step ahead.

Lengin's dedicated developers
Lengin's dedicated developers

We need only one day upon your request to provide you with the best-fit developer.

A risk-free 2-week trial period. No charges if you are not satisfied with our specialists.

No 2nd-party developers – we hire TOP 3% specialists.

and recognitions


What our clients say

Anton CEO, Norby AI

“I’m really impressed with Lengin. They demonstrated a truly personable and client-centric approach. They were reliable and professional.”

Arkadii COO, Cyberland

“What I liked most about Lengin is that they didn’t just do assigned tasks but discovered new opportunities to improve the final product.”

Keven photo
Keven Tech Lead, Modulos

“It’s hard to find a good front-end developer in terms of skills, high involvement, proactive, and communication well with the rest of the team is a bit tricky. We were lucky with Lengin.”

Dmytro Lead Engineer, NitroHire

“We collaborated with Lengin for over a year and achieved so much together. Their team was highly professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Natalie EIC, The Right Hairstyles

“Lengin delivered an impeccable website redesign, prioritizing speed and user experience. Their keen attention to our needs and innovative solutions garnered positive user feedback.”

Nick Founder, RevUp Dental

“After working with Lengin’s team, we were left really impressed to the point where we realized we didn’t need to hire a new developer directly.”

Alexis CEO & Founder, seniors@work

“I got exactly what I expected – the flexibility and not only one developer but, in the end, a team of different individuals.”

Natan CEO, Robusta Dev

“My number one concern was around quality, but the output speaks for itself. It’s more like a real partnership. It’s been almost two years, and you could’ve switched your engineer to another project with better profit, and it’d be best for you, but you didn’t!”

Shray Founder, OttoStory

“I went through a whole swath of different contractors, but you’re the most organized and have a strong team. I’ve enjoyed working with you.”

Paulo CTO, Neso Brands

You provide the most stable and reliable team. The work with you shows a good Return On Investment. Communication is almost real-time and devs are vey adaptive.

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Benefits of hiring dedicated developers

Happy dedicated developers
Specialized skills

Get the expertise specifically tailored to your project’s requirements


A dedicated team can be scaled up or down based on your project needs

Access to top talents

Get access to our team of skilled developers who have experience in solving the solutions you face

Speed up time-to-market

Dedicated teams speed up your project delivery time, which can faster your ROI

Save money

Don’t spend money on hiring, training, taxes, insurance, and sick days. Pay only for hours worked

Reduce risk

Mitigate the risks associated with hiring in-house developers, such as poor fit, skill gaps, or high turnover rates

Get a free consultation and find out how you can benefit by hiring our JavaScript developers

Our tech stack

JavaScript is our language
your success is our goal

Lines Lines
Lines Lines

Strong technology focus = strong expertise.
Why hire random developers when you can hire dedicated JavaScript experts from proven tech provider, establishing a reliable partnership.

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Skillful Synergy

Why partner with us?

Lengin provides businesses with agile dedicated developers
that define the project’s success.


150+ positive reviews

Lengin has received over 100 reviews on UpWork and Clutch at a 5* rating on average.


Strong JavaScript expertise

Our team comprises only middle and senior JavaScript developers with a 5 minimum years of experience.


Perfect fit

Specialized tech skills, preferred time zone, excellent English, expertness, and positive attitude of our developers.



You won’t spend money on hiring, taxes, insurance and sick days. We offer reasonable rates, where you pay only for hours worked.


Fast and flexible

After receiving your request, we provide the best-fit developers for your needs in one business day.

Ready to level up your project?

Share the details and let’s get started!


Featured projects


Lengin in numbers

$ 500 m +

Has been raised
by our clients

100 +

5-star ranked Upwork

91 %

Of our projects
are long-term

30 +

Countries with satisfied clients


Average Lengin rating of 150+
reviews on Clutch and Upwork


Of our clients were willing to refer Lengin


Client’s reviews

“Through effective communication, Lengin successfully designed and developed the client’s web app, implementing all the planned features on time and creating a seamless UX.”

Malishchuk photo
Vitaliy Malishchuk Tech Lead, SmartTek

“An exceptionally disciplined and highly-skilled team, Lengin delivered the project on time and within budget. The team utilized project management tools and communicated clearly and concisely, ensuring a seamless workflow.”

Daniel photo
Daniel Dramshev CEO, Netrocket

“Lengin has been working with the client for a long time now, and the client commends their high-quality performance. They impress the client with their motivation for work and ability to adapt to any situation.”

Maayan photo
Maayan Israeli Office Manager, Robusta

“The Lengin team helped the client improve the operational performance of the platform and built a user-friendly and responsive interface. They worked overtime to deliver everything on time and working properly despite several requested add-on features from the client.”

Vasco photos
Vasco Grieg CEO, OnHires

“Their team was highly communicative, responsive, and proactive, and the client was very pleased with their work.”

Khomchenko photo
Khomchenko Maksym COO, Wedex

“Lengin delivered a fully functioning site. The client was very satisfied with the deliverables and impressed with the partnership. The service provider’s team was flexible, professional, and communicative.”

Dybenko photo
Max Dybenko CEO, IT-Outstaffing

“The project was successfully completed on time, and the team was very responsive to feedback. Lengin’s efforts were met with positive acclaim.”

Max Roodenburg
Max Roodenburg Marketer, De Klantenmachine

“Although the project is still ongoing, Lengin has made an impact on the project and has been quick in adapting to the client’s pace. Solutions, provided by Lengin saved us money and time”

Stanislav Pavlov photo
Stanislav Pavlov HR, Cyberland OÜ

“Lengin delivered the project, meeting the project’s requirements. Their exceptional communicative approach and the collaboration results impressed us.”

Daniel Schacter photo
Daniel Schacter President, CPM

“We had tight release deadlines with our stakeholders and urgently needed to find two full-stack developers. We initially tried to do it on our own but quickly realized it was taking too much time. Luckily, we were referred to Lengin, and they turned out to be a real lifesaver!”

David Wenner photo
David Wenner Co-Founder, VocalReferences

“Lengin led a pixel-perfect implementation of the client’s designs. Their efforts resulted in a much more comprehensive site, allowing customers to better understand the client’s services. The team strictly adhered to the project’s timelines and managed to achieve every project milestone they set.”

Stojanov photo
Mite Stojanov CTO, MyBlueLabel

“The client has been satisfied with Lengin’s ability to consistently deliver high-quality outputs. The products are always high-performing and only require minimal changes once reviewed.”

Reger photo
Michael Wright Project Manager, Everbrave
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hourly rates?

Our rates average are $30 – $49 per hour depending on factors such as the preferred collaboration model, specialist skill level, and project duration.

How quickly can you provide staff for my project?

We understand the importance of timely project delivery. Once we receive your requirements, it only takes one day for us to bring you the most suitable our in-house specialist.

How does staff augmentation work?

First, we assess your requirements and understand your project objectives. Then, we carefully select the right professionals from our team who fit the necessary skills and experience. Finally, we onboard them into your team, ensuring smooth integration with your existing processes and workflows.

Can I choose the professionals I want to work with?

Yes! We believe in giving our clients complete control and transparency. After understanding your project requirements, we present you with a list of professionals who meet your criteria. You can review their profiles, interview them, and choose the ones that align best with your project goals.

What level of experience do your professionals have?

Our talent pool consists only of middle and senior developers with working English proficiency. We can provide professionals with a working experience within your industry with specific problem-solving skills.

How do you ensure the quality of professionals provided?

We maintain a stringent vetting process to ensure that only the best professionals join our team. Our screening includes technical assessments, interviews, and reference checks. We also encourage ongoing performance reviews and provide support and guidance to our professionals to ensure they meet and exceed client expectations.

What if I am not satisfied with the professionals provided?

Client satisfaction is our top priority. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the professionals we provide, we will address the issue promptly. We will work closely with you to understand your concerns and, if necessary, replace the professional with another suitable candidate from our talent pool.

How do you handle confidentiality and intellectual property protection?

We take confidentiality and intellectual property protection seriously. Before joining your team, all professionals sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) to safeguard your sensitive information.

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