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Lengin is an award-winning JavaScript software development company with more than 40 dedicated specialists across the USA and Europe.

Thanks to our exceptional JavaScript expertise, some of our projects were published in Forbes magazine, while our clients charted as fast-growing US companies.

Lengin team members
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What makes Lengin special?

Lengin is a company with a strong focus and expertise in JavaScript full-cycle development. Our client-oriented approach and highly motivated team are the main drivers to long-term reliable partnerships.

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Drivers & Values

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Our Vision is to become one of the top 10 software development companies, providing full-cycle services for creating digital products. We want to become a hub that will unite 500 best-in-class professionals and impact the lives of 500 million end-users.

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Our Mission is to harness digital technology and collaborate with highly motivated individuals to convert ideas into digital products that deliver better human experiences with technology. We are committed to creating innovative solutions that exceed our client’s expectations and improve the quality of life for end-users.

Why focusing on JavaScript?

There are some significant reasons why we use JavaScript for full-cycle development.

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Widely used

JavaScript is used by over 97% of all websites, making it the most popular programming language.

Cross-platform compatibility

The same application, developed with React Native, can run on any device.

Rich ecosystem

JavaScript offers a robust ecosystem of libraries and frameworks, empowering developers to create efficient end-to-end solutions.

High scalability

JavaScript offers a robust ecosystem of libraries and frameworks, empowering developers to create efficient end-to-end solutions.

Still not impressed?

Business giants like Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Airbnb use JavaScript technologies as their core.

Our team

People behind Lengin

Taras Mashtaler, CEO

“At our core, we strive for innovation and excellence. We envision a future where our software solutions transform industries and empower businesses to reach new heights. Together with our talented team, we are driven to make a lasting impact on the digital landscape, shaping the future, one line of code at a time.”

Oksana Chemarenko, Sales Manager

“We are passionate about forging strong partnerships with our clients. Our sales team works tirelessly to understand their unique needs, offering tailored solutions that drive business growth. Building trust and delivering value are at the forefront of our client relationships.”

Yuriy Rudey, Tech Lead

“The brilliance of Lengin lies not only in its cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions but, more importantly, in the exceptional individuals who bring these ideas to life. The unwavering commitment, expertise, and collaborative spirit of the people behind Lengin is what truly sets us apart.”

Valeria Shurkina, Project Manager

“Delivering exceptional results is at the heart of our project management approach. We achieve the project’s goals with constant and transparent communication, efficient planning, and on-time delivery. The true essence of our success lies in the passion and dedication of our talented team.”

Victoria Potiahailo, HR Manager

“Our people are the heartbeat of our organization. We foster a supportive environment where collaboration and growth thrive. We believe in nurturing talent, attracting top professionals, and creating a culture that inspires and empowers our specialists.”

Glib Chetvertak, Tech Lead

“Technology is the backbone of our solutions. As the Tech Lead, I’m proud to lead a team of brilliant engineers who push the boundaries of what’s possible. We leverage cutting-edge technologies, embrace industry best practices, and continuously evolve to deliver scalable, secure, and future-proof software solutions.”

Anna Romanchenko, Account Manager

“At Lengin, our clients’ success is our paramount goal. As an Account Manager, I am dedicated to understanding the unique needs and aspirations of each client. By fostering long-lasting relationships built on trust, I ensure that our solutions align perfectly with their objectives”.

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Our core expertise

Lengin is a rich blend of expert development and reliable partnership with which you can be sure that your project will be delivered on time, within a budget and fit to all requirements.

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Success stories

Anton CEO, Norby AI

“I’m really impressed with Lengin. They demonstrated a truly personable and client-centric approach. They were reliable and professional.”

Arkadii COO, Cyberland

“What I liked most about Lengin is that they didn’t just do assigned tasks but discovered new opportunities to improve the final product.”

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Keven Tech Lead, Modulos

“It’s hard to find a good front-end developer in terms of skills, high involvement, proactive, and communication well with the rest of the team is a bit tricky. We were lucky with Lengin.”

Dmytro Lead Engineer, NitroHire

“We collaborated with Lengin for over a year and achieved so much together. Their team was highly professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Natalie EIC, The Right Hairstyles

“Lengin delivered an impeccable website redesign, prioritizing speed and user experience. Their keen attention to our needs and innovative solutions garnered positive user feedback.”

Nick Founder, RevUp Dental

“After working with Lengin’s team, we were left really impressed to the point where we realized we didn’t need to hire a new developer directly.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you involve third-party developers?

No, we rely on our team of 40+ full-time specialists, as we care about delivering quality solutions. Our team constantly grows, according to the number of projects.

What software development services do you provide?

Our core service is helping companies by providing our in-house developers. But we also offer a comprehensive range of software development solutions, specializing in custom development.

Why did you choose JavaScript full-cycle development?

JavaScript provides robust technological solutions suitable for businesses of any size and it is widely used. For example, with a combination of Node.js and React, you can effectively create MVP and SaaS applications.

Which industries do you have experience working with?

We have experience working with clients from diverse industries, spanning startups to enterprise-level companies. Our portfolio reflects successful projects across various sectors.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

We are the fastest team to start working on your project because we exclusively employ in-house specialists. Our strong focus on technology allows us to recruit the best developers, nurture their skills, and provide expertise to our clients when they hire us.


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