Сomprehensive cryptocurrency web application

Megano is designed to cater to all your digital currency needs, much like traditional online banking platforms.

This application is an all-encompassing solution for individuals who engage in cryptocurrency transactions. Megano boasts responsive versions for web, tablet, and mobile interfaces, ensuring an optimal user experience across all devices. Its streamlined and intuitive design encompasses all essential features of online crypto banking, including exchange services, secure vault storage, and transaction history.

Used Technologies

Vuex Smart Module
  • Laravel: This PHP framework was utilized for its expressive syntax, making it ideal for crafting the app’s backend and improving the overall application functionality.
  • PostgreSQL: Deployed for the app’s database management, PostgreSQL ensured efficient data storage and retrieval with its advanced relational database capabilities.
  • Nuxt.js: Used for building the user-friendly interface of the app. Nuxt.js facilitated the easy and efficient development of the universal Vue.js application.
  • TypeScript: Incorporated to provide a static type system to JavaScript, improving code reliability and maintainability. It facilitated better developer tooling and better collaboration.
  • Vuex Smart Module: Leveraged to manage the app’s state, Vuex Smart Module streamlined state management, leading to cleaner and more maintainable code.
  • Stylus: This CSS preprocessor was used to write clean, efficient CSS for the app’s stylesheets. Stylus facilitated a faster and more organized way to style web pages.
  • Jest: Deployed for unit testing, Jest ensured code reliability and functionality, providing a flexible JavaScript testing framework.
  • Cypress: Used for end-to-end testing, Cypress guaranteed the app functioned correctly as a whole, simulating user behavior and ensuring seamless user experiences.
  • Kibana: Incorporated for log visualization and app monitoring. Kibana helped in detecting anomalies, measuring impact, and troubleshooting the app’s performance.
  • Jenkins: Used for continuous integration, Jenkins enabled frequent code changes, making the development process more agile and efficient.
  • Spinnaker: This was used for continuous delivery, Spinnaker facilitated the rapid, reliable, and sustainable deployment of software updates.
  • Docker: Deployed to containerize the app, Docker ensured the app could work uniformly across different computing environments, promoting portability and scalability.

The Case

Cyberland, a leading software development company, was searching for remote engineers to accelerate the development process for their Megano app.

Lengin, having served as a trusted software development partner for more than 70 companies, stepped in to provide Cyberland with our highly skilled specialists. Our mission was to contribute to the front-end development, unit testing, and end-to-end (e2e) testing. Given that the app leveraged a variety of technologies to ensure robust and secure performance, the engagement necessitated developers with exceptional skills and proficiency.

The Challenge

During the development of Megano, we encountered a range of technically intricate challenges. A primary issue was integrating diverse technologies, while each of them carried unique design patterns and quirks, requiring careful orchestration to ensure seamless interoperability.

We also grappled with the complexity of crafting an intuitive, user-friendly interface that functioned consistently across various platforms and screen resolutions. Achieving convenient usability, without compromising functionality demanded thoughtful engineering and meticulous testing.

A further significant hurdle was establishing robust security mechanisms to protect sensitive cryptocurrency transactions. Implementing industry-leading cybersecurity measures and ensuring their compatibility with our chosen tech stack required deep expertise and a commitment to rigorous testing protocols.


The core business processes of Megano were handled entirely on the back end, making the front end’s primary role guarantee stable, user-friendly interactions and high performance. Given that the application’s objective was to manage finances and cryptocurrencies, we aimed for optimal efficiency, robust security, and a clean user interface.

In building the application’s functionality and architecture, our approach was to reach simplicity and compactness. It was in line with our client’s request for a minimalistic application design. It’s worth mentioning that some Vue.js used some class components written in Typescript, which is not a typical solution.


The dashboard in Megano is a native feature that plays a vital role as both the home page and the most frequently accessed page. It provides all the essential information required for working with the client’s cryptocurrency. The following elements are added to the dashboard:

  • Holdings: This section displays the current cryptocurrency balance. It provides a summary of the assets they own and their respective values.
  • Loans: The loans section provides information about any active loans the client has, including details such as the loan amount, interest rates, and repayment terms. It helps clients keep track of their borrowing activities.
  • Vaults: The vaults section showcases the client’s secure storage facilities for cryptocurrencies. It allows them to manage and monitor their vaulted assets, ensuring their safety and accessibility.
  • Latest transactions: This section displays the client’s most recent cryptocurrency transactions and related details.

Loan Application

The loan function in Megano allows users to borrow cryptocurrency with competitive interest rates. Users can access this feature through the loan application process. They can specify the amount of cryptocurrency they wish to borrow and choose the loan duration.

Collateral plays a crucial role in the loan process, and users can select the currency they want to use as collateral. The initial loan-to-value ratio (LTV) determines the amount of collateral required. It’s important to maintain sufficient collateral, as a margin call will be triggered if the loan asset value relative to the collateral falls below 75%.

The loan details, including the principal amount, monthly interest rate, total interest amount, and repayment date, are displayed for transparency. Users can also view important contract terms and conditions before confirming the loan application.

Megano ensures security by automatically deducting the collateral amount once the loan application is accepted. The borrowed amount is then added to the user’s balance.


Megano Investments provides clients with creating vaults and earning interest on their cryptocurrency holdings. Users can deposit their cryptocurrency and choose from different vault conditions based on duration and interest rates.

The app offers a range of vault options, each with different durations and corresponding annual percentage yields (APY). Users can select the vault that best aligns with their investment goals.

To initiate the vault creation process, users can choose the amount of deposit they want to transfer from their balance. They also have the option to maximize their transfer based on the available balance.

Estimated outcome information is displayed, showcasing the projected result at the end of the contract duration, including the total interest to be paid out.

Ensuring Quality

Lengin team provided the testing in the project, which involved both e2e (end-to-end) and unit testing. For e2e testing, we used Cypress, a popular testing framework, to simulate user interactions and validate the application’s behavior. Unit testing was performed using Jest, a testing library, to test individual components and functions in isolation. These testing frameworks helped ensure the reliability and functionality of the project.

Results and Impact

Lengin, as a dedicated software development company, made significant advancements to the Megano project by providing experienced front-end specialists. Our team played a crucial role in enhancing the front-end development and testing processes, resulting in a seamless and user-friendly experience for the application’s users. Our dedicated specialists brought their expertise to the project, positively impacting the workflow and delivering significant results.

As a result of our efforts, we successfully delivered a fast and reliable cryptocurrency application, capable of handling high loads. We ensured the application met the client’s technical requirements and was delivered within the specified timeline. Our team’s expertise and dedication contributed to the seamless performance of the application, providing clients with a smooth and efficient experience.


“Although the project is still ongoing, Lengin has made an impact on the project and has been quick in adapting to the client’s pace. Solutions, provided by Lengin saved us money and time”

Stanislav Pavlov photo
Stanislav Pavlov
HR, Cyberland OÜ
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Video Interview
COO, Cyberland
Interview insights
What were your needs before engaging our services?

We had an issue that we were preoccupied with all possible developments. We were lacking in time to find someone to onboard and for full-time. So we were looking for front-end expertise, basically for Vue.js.

How and why did you hire Lengin?

Our HR managed to find you through UpWork. To be honest, the first time, we were skeptical about UpWork, but we’ve read all the comments and testimonials, and decided to give it a go and see if it works or not.

How would you describe the experience of collaborating with Lengin?

We had been working together for around two years. We worked as a team and didn’t consider Lengin’s developer Andrew as someone from outsourcing. He was a part of the team, so it was easy to work together.

What contributions did Lengin make to your projects?

Andrew built 60-70% of both products he was working on.
The first product was a financial service, which wasn’t like a standard financial service with all your possible incomes and outgoings packed into one. Talking about Andrew, he was not only a doer but also proposed stuff to our UX team.

The other one was the game on the stage of raising finances. We had a front end that was much more packed with some beautiful art, basically a website presentation, and he did both artsy things great. He also connected the back end to the front end in a great way, helping our back-end developers.

So it’s like regular life in a software development company, but just the employee from the outsourcing company is totally integrated into the processes. It’s not like we just outsourced him, like some of the tasks from the backlog. It was continuous work.

What concerns did you have before hiring Lengin?

We were afraid of everything. We used to think that outsourcing meant that you just cut out some parts of your product, which are not so important most of the time, and you have no control over them. But we had some recommendations and feedback about great results, so we were less afraid at that moment. So we tried it out, but we didn’t expect such close collaboration.

What did you appreciate the most about cooperation with Lengin?

The thing that amazes me is that we were working like a team. Andrew was a part of the team. No one would consider him an outsourced employee, disrespected or didn’t pay attention to him. He was so good at partnership. I’d like to continue cooperation with this great professional. This differentiates Lengin from my previous experience – that feeling of communication and being on the team.

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