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Norby is an AI assistant chatbot that helps businesses optimize their customer service by automating online consultations.

Based on ChatGPT, Norby AI leverages pre-defined sequences, AI-generated answers, and triggers to users’ actions.

Used Technologies


When we joined the team, the app had Laravel Orchid as the back end and Angular as the front end. The problem was that the performance was not high enough, so the decision was to migrate to a more scalable and robust combination of Node.js and Vue.js.

The project had PostgreSQL for storing, managing, and analyzing structured data.

As for machine learning, Rubix was integrated into the application, allowing it to harness the power of ML algorithms and models for enhanced functionality and performance.

We also implemented the Stripe payment system into the app as it has flexible payment options, the most appropriate for monetizing the product.

The Case

Norby AI was seeking experienced back-end and front-end developers to augment their existing team. The search posed a challenge as they required specialists proficient in a broad tech stack.

The objective entailed developing the back end, and APIs, assisting with the front end, and integrating the Stripe payment system.

Fortunately, Lengin provided Norby AI with experienced developers who met all the requirements and could join the team in a short time.

How does Norby AI work?

The Lengin team consistently prioritizes responsive user experience when developing new products. In this case, you have two do only three steps to start using the Norby AI chatbot.

Getting Started

1. Fill in information about your company.

2. Upload your product or service description, documentation, or FAQs

3. Paste the widget code snippet before the </body> tag of your website’s HTML code.

4. Say hello to your new AI smart assistant!

Customizing the Widget

We considered that each company using the app would have its own unique identity, colors, and specific requirements, and we provided customization options to cater to their distinct needs.
Norby AI allows you to customize the appearance of the chatbot widget, activating the relevant functions for your needs.

  • Color settings
  • Multi-chat option
  • Language support
  • Files sharing
  • User recognition
  • Regulations control

Using the Chatbot

The core part of the Norby AI Engine is chat support automation. It defines what issues the chatbot can handle 24/7 on its own. We implemented functions for three different chat-generating options.

Prepared questions
You can manually add questions and answers in the admin panel.
If the user asks that question in a different variant, the AI will still recognize it and answer relevantly.

AI-generated answers
Norby AI can generate accurate answers using data from pre-uploaded F.A.Qs, databases, product or service information, or other companies’ relevant information.

Connecting live specialist
On the clients’ demand, or when there are non-standard questions that the bot can’t handle, it offers to connect a live specialist, if the company enabled that feature.


The chatbot can generate pop-ups that get activated by various user actions. This functionality enhances the user experience of your website and can be effectively used for marketing purposes.

1. Welcome message: Provide a warm and inviting welcome when the user visits the website for the first time. Introduce the company and offer help.

2. Exit Intent Trigger: When a user is about to leave the website, a pop-up message appears offering a discount or a special offer to encourage them to stay and make a purchase.

3. Time Delay Trigger: After a user spends a certain amount of time on a specific page, a pop-up message appears providing additional information or offering assistance.

4. Scroll Trigger: When a user scrolls down to a certain point on the page, a pop-up message offer relevant content or guides them to the next step.

5. Click Trigger: When a user clicks on a specific element or button, a pop-up message appears, offering more details or a personalized recommendation.

Norby Admin Panel

At Lengin, we prioritize convenience in managing your web app, ensuring it serves as your seamless workspace.

When developing the Norby admin panel, we incorporated comprehensive functions for application management, user administration, and payment handling.

Additionally, we seamlessly integrated the Stripe payment system into the panel, enabling centralized company management within a single platform.

Client’s Admin Panel

We have created a simple and user-friendly admin panel for managing the widget settings. The functionality is divided into three main sections:

Chat Management: Easily view and manage chats based on your role and responsibilities.
Team Management: As a company owner, you can assign specific roles for chat moderation and handling. For instance, some consultants may be responsible for laptop-related inquiries, while others handle mobile phone queries.
Automation Settings: Configure various automation features such as triggers, dialogs, and operator calls.

Results and Impact

Thanks to our cooperation, we have successfully developed an impressive application that effectively addresses genuine business challenges. Based on initial assessments, Norby AI automates approximately 70-80% of chat operators’ tasks, enabling businesses to enhance service quality while reducing costs.

From a technical perspective, the application has proven to be highly efficient, capable of handling substantial user loads and accommodating a large number of concurrent users seamlessly. Moreover, its intuitive and user-friendly interface ensures effortless operation and management, making it a breeze to navigate and utilize.


“Working with Lengin was a game-changer for me. Their software solutions were top-notch, and the team’s dedication stood out. The entire process was seamless and efficient, truly showcasing their expertise.”

Fjodorov photo
Anton Fjodorov
CEO, Norby AI
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Video Interview
CEO, Norby AI
Interview insights
What needs did you have before engaging our services?

We wanted to hire a skillful back-end Laravel developer with some experience in the front end, too, because we had a lot of work on both sides. And we met the developer from Lengin – Andrew, who helped us a lot.

Why did you decide to work with the Lengin team?

I have a friend who knows about you. In his letter, he recommended writing to you, and I could find a skilled developer, so I just did it. Also, there was a test task that you implemented quite quickly.

What did you get from collaboration with Lengin?

We worked with Lengin for about one and a half years and we got a lot of stuff. For example, one big admin panel and an automatization system, which we use on our back-end side. Also, configuration and installation of the Stripe payment system. I think Lengin contributed a lot to our company.

What did you appreciate the most in our partnership?

It was easy-going. I always talked with you, and it was always nice and smooth. The developer is also a good person who is comfy and does his job very well.

Why would you recommend Lengin to other companies?

Of course, I recommend Lengin because you can find a solution: someone or some power to make the stuff work. I think Lengin is a good company for that. I didn’t have any problems.

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