Data Copilot

Advanced conversational AI assistant

Data Copilot is an advanced conversational AI assistant specifically designed to streamline your data processing, analysis, and manipulation tasks.

With its powerful capabilities and intuitive interface, Data Copilot becomes your trusted partner in navigating the complex world of data.

Used Technologies

  • Node.js: Powering the server-side logic, Node.js handled API requests and facilitated efficient data processing, analysis, and manipulation tasks.
  • Vue.js ver.3: Used to build the user interface, Vue.js ver.3 created interactive and responsive components, enabling users to easily navigate and interact with Data Copilot.
  • TypeScript: With static typing and improved tooling support, TypeScript caught errors early, increased code maintainability, and facilitated collaboration between front-end and back-end developers.
  • Docker: By containerizing the application, Docker ensured consistent deployment across different environments, simplified scaling, and efficient resource management.
  • Tailwind CSS: Streamlining styling, Tailwind CSS utilized pre-defined utility classes to rapidly build and customize components, resulting in a visually consistent and mobile-friendly design.
  • D3.js: Used for data visualization, D3.js transformed datasets into dynamic and interactive plots and graphs, empowering users to explore and analyze data effectively.

The Case

Modulos, a company that specializes in AI and ML development, equipped with a team of back-end AI/ML specialists, recognized the need for a reliable front-end development partner for building their innovative product – Data Copilot.

As Data Copilot utilized the latest version of Vue.js (3rd), finding skilled developers proficient in this technology posed a challenge. However, at Lengin, we excel in JavaScript technologies and swiftly joined the project, leveraging our JavaScript expertise to contribute effectively.

The Challenge

Front-end development is a challenge for AI/ML companies. Balancing complex data processing with user-friendly interfaces requires expertise in both domains. Skilled front-end developers are crucial in bridging this gap and enabling seamless integration between powerful AI/ML capabilities and user-centric interfaces.

Lengin demonstrated the reliability of Modulos as a JavaScript development partner by handling the project’s front-end development side.

How does Data Copilot work?

  1. Upload your dataset onto Data Copilot.
  2. Accelerate data analysis and gain actionable insights by interacting with conversational AI
  3. Evaluate the performance of your models and receive recommendations to improve their accuracy and fairness.

Key Features

Visualize Plots
Explore your data by turning them into visual insights with ease.

Conversational AI
Instead of writing code, you can interact with your data via natural language empowering business users.

Data Copilot™ can help you better understand sources of error, noise, and bias in your data.

Fast Experimentation
Conversational AI speeds up the process of exploring your data so you can get actionable insights fast.

Getting Started

You can use Data Copilot only as a logged-in user because it stores your conversations with AI in different chats in history.

We’ve streamlined the user creation process, offering fast and seamless options: email registration or logging in with Google or Microsoft accounts.

Developing Interface

The interface of Data Copilot may feel familiar, resembling the user-friendly design of ChatGPT. This intentional similarity arises because Data Copilot harnesses the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology.

Our research indicated that users appreciate this chat-like interface, as it offers convenience for both technical and non-technical users.

Empowered Data Exploration

  • Dataset Upload: Easily upload datasets files to the app, enabling you to work with your own data for analysis and manipulation.
  • Data Visualizing: Effortlessly visualize data in various graphic formats: vectors, charts, graphs, and more.
  • Interactive Conversations: Engage in interactive conversations with the app powered by ChatGPT, allowing you to ask questions, seek insights, and receive responses in a conversational manner.
  • Data Manipulation: Perform various manipulations on the uploaded datasets, such as filtering, sorting, aggregating, or transforming the data to derive meaningful insights.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis: Conduct exploratory data analysis with the app’s tools, including visualizations, statistical summaries, and data profiling, to gain a deeper understanding of the dataset.
  • AI-driven Recommendations: Receive AI-driven recommendations on data processing techniques, feature engineering, or model selection based on the analysis of the uploaded datasets.
  • Machine Learning Integration: Seamlessly integrate machine learning models with the app, allowing you to train, evaluate, and deploy models using your uploaded datasets.
  • Export and Sharing: Export the processed datasets, analysis results, or trained models for further use or share them with colleagues for collaboration.

Results and Impact

Data Copilot revolutionized data analytics as a game-changing solution. It accelerated analysis, enhanced decision-making, and streamlined workflows, improving operational efficiency.

Through collaboration with Lengin, the app gained an intuitive interface, catering to all users and ensuring a seamless experience on any device. Our front-end specialists excelled at transforming the complex back-end of the AI app into a user-friendly interface.

Keven photo

“We were lucky with Lengin. High-quality code, smooth communication, the employee’s dedication – we got exactly what we were looking for.”

Keven photo
Keven Le Moing
Tech Lead, Modulos
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Video Interview
Tech Lead, Modulos
Interview insights
What needs did you have before engaging our services?

We were looking for an expert in Vue.js who would be able to implement the different views that we had in mind. We had already had the back-end part and design done.

How and why did you hire Lengin?

We were looking into such a skillful person first on UpWork. Since Lengin had a very good ranking there, we just simply went towards the process. From the beginning, we had a few technical tests within the hiring process, but after that, we agreed that Lengin’s developer Oleg was the right person for us. We were lucky enough to have expertise in front-end development and specifically in Vue.js. We got what we were looking for.

How would you describe the experience of cooperating with Lengin?

All the time, we were feeling very safe in terms of code quality and dedication of the employee. Actually, we want to continue working with Lengin. Oleg was our front-end lead developer for several months and addressed user management, dynamic views, graphs, and plots, along with responsiveness to different views. He came across all the different classic implementations you can encounter as a front-end developer. So it has been a great added value to our company.

What do you appreciate the most in collaboration with Lengin?

What I like the most is that it was a trustworthy relationship. The communication and the management were always smooth in terms of contracts and NDA and everything. We were able to get Oleg up on board very quickly. It was no surprise that it was a very smooth process.

It’s not hard to find a good front-end developer in terms of skills, but someone that is really involved in the project, proactive, and communicates well with the rest of the team is a bit tricky. We were lucky with Lengin.

Would you recommend Lengin to others?

Definitely! I will not only recommend but continue to work with Lengin. It perfectly fits our needs within our product development. We need responsiveness and proactiveness. That’s exactly the kind of partnership we want to continue with.

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