Full-Stack Development At OttoStory

Full-Stack Development of Autobiography AI Writer

About OttoStory

OttoStory is an autobiography AI writer that can take huge chunks of verbal data and long stories with lots of details and then build a high-quality rewritten text out of them. Then, you can construct covers and get a hardcover book for you, relatives, or loved ones that will live on forever.

OttoStory and Lengin Development

OttoStory’s founder, Shray Goel, sought a full-stack developer to bring his idea to life. He posted on different websites and had a few rounds of interviews with many developers. Ultimately, Shray decided to go with Lengin.

Since then, we have been adjusting to OttoStory’s scaling needs. They’ve had an opportunity to work with several Lengin developers at different stages of development so far.

Technologies Behind OttoStory

  • Laravel: This PHP framework was utilized for its expressive syntax, making it ideal for crafting the app’s backend and improving the overall application functionality.
  • Svelte: a JavaScript framework for building reactive user interfaces with a focus on simplicity and performance.
  • Docker: containerized the application, ensuring consistent deployment, simplified scaling, and efficient resource management across different environments.
  • Tailwind CSS + DaisyUI: streamlined styling using pre-defined utility classes, ready-to-use components that streamline the development, resulting in a visually consistent and mobile-friendly design.
  • Deepgram: a speech recognition platform that leverages deep learning algorithms to transcribe spoken words into written text.
  • Lulu: a self-publishing platform that allows authors to publish and distribute their books, providing services for printing, distributing, and selling physical and digital copies of books.
  • Amazon APIs: EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and S3 (Simple Storage Service), provide scalable cloud computing resources and secure object storage for hosting applications, managing computing resources, and storing and retrieving data.
  • Google APIs: Translate, OAuth2, and Drive offer various services for language translation, user authentication, and cloud-based storage.

How does OttoStory work?

Registration and authorization can be conducted via a Google+ account or Facebook. There is also a form for filling in some personal information for an account.

Stripe Payment System Integration

To continue OttoStory suggests three subscription plans powered by an integrated Stripe payment system. Costs are withdrawn automatically without requiring users to manually renew the plan monthly.

Data Input, Processing And Editing

After authorization, regular users can both continue writing a story or start writing a new one. OttoStory helps the user structure the story by life stages: from childhood to senior adulthood. Each stage has a huge database of questions to navigate the author through the autobiography.

OttoStory provides three ways to upload data for the story:

  • Text input
  • Speech-to-text
  • Upload PDFs, Doc, or TXT files

Google Translate integration allows users to translate their text into over 100 languages easily. This feature is handy for authors who want to reach a global audience without hiring a professional translator.

Using Deepgram enabled achieving an accuracy rate of 90% in transcribing audio recordings from diverse languages, including some with complex grammar and pronunciation rules.

OttoStory keeps improving and is working on future Grammarly integration to help identify and correct grammatical errors, typos, and punctuation mistakes.

Lengin contribution and development

Our team adapted quickly to changing requirements, prioritized tasks based on business value, and did our best to stay within the fixed price.

We scaled up and down quickly to accommodate changing project requirements, ensuring that the final product met the client’s needs and exceeded their expectations.

Key features and agile development process are described in the second part of this case study.


“I went through a whole swath of different contractors. I chose Lengin primarily because you seemed the most organized. You had the breakdown of the timeline, costs, sprints and also you have a strong team. I’ve enjoyed working with you.”

Shray Goel
Founder, OttoStory
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Video Interview
Founder, OttoStory
Interview insights
How did you find Lengin?

I went through quite a few stages of interviews with a whole swath of different contractors. I posted on a few different websites, from UpWork to Dribble to TopTall, and I interviewed a whole bunch of different development teams.

Why did you choose Lengin?

I chose Lengin primarily because you seemed the most organized. You had the breakdown of the timeline, of the costs, and of the sprints. Also, you have a strong team.

Would you recommend Lengin?

I’ve enjoyed working with you. It’s been a very, very positive process. I went through a lot of work to find you, and I’m happy. You have my highest recommendation.

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