Developing Advanced Features at OttoStory

Advanced Features of Autobiography AI Writer

OttoStory is a platform that allows users to create their own autobiography through a guided storytelling process. Using AI technology, users can record, transcribe, and edit their life stories, which are then transformed into a personalized hardback book.

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Technologies Behind OttoStory

  • Laravel: This PHP framework was utilized for its expressive syntax, making it ideal for crafting the app’s backend and improving the overall application functionality.
  • Svelte: a JavaScript framework for building reactive user interfaces with a focus on simplicity and performance.
  • Docker: containerized the application, ensuring consistent deployment, simplified scaling, and efficient resource management across different environments.
  • Tailwind CSS + DaisyUI: streamlined styling using pre-defined utility classes, ready-to-use components that streamline the development, resulting in a visually consistent and mobile-friendly design.
  • Deepgram: a speech recognition platform that leverages deep learning algorithms to transcribe spoken words into written text.
  • Lulu: a self-publishing platform that allows authors to publish and distribute their books, providing services for printing, distributing, and selling physical and digital copies of books.
  • Amazon APIs: EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and S3 (Simple Storage Service), provide scalable cloud computing resources and secure object storage for hosting applications, managing computing resources, and storing and retrieving data.
  • Google APIs: Translate, OAuth2, and Drive offer various services for language translation, user authentication, and cloud-based storage.

Co-authoring With AI

The key feature of OttoStory is co-authoring with artificial intelligence. The autobiography AI is training on a large dataset of published books to learn the nuances of storytelling.
The autobiography AI uses a sophisticated natural language processing algorithm to edit and generate text in various styles, voices, and perspectives.

Guest Chapters

Users can invite others as co-authors for some chapters. It helps unfold the story better by including the third-party view, not only the author’s personal experience.
The author can invite anyone using their Google account. The collaborative chapters feature also includes limited actions for invited users, ensuring that your work remains protected and all other chapters are secure from viewing.

Intellectual Property Protection

To achieve robust security and protect intellectual property, OttoSotry uses Amazon S3 storage and generates temporary links. When a writer uploads assets, such as documents or media files, to the platform, Amazon S3 serves as a secure storage solution.

Meanwhile, generated URLs have a limited validity period, granting temporary access to the specific asset for authorized users only. By dynamically generating time-limited links, we mitigate the risk of unauthorized access or sharing of these assets.

Book Constructor

OttoStory provides a cover constructor that was not initially included in the design. The cover constructor was designed and created by Lengin’ developer.

It has a variety of templates for the covers to make constructor beginner-friendly. Users can upload their own images and edit cover colors, text, fonts, and layouts to create a unique and professional-looking book that reflects personal style.

Lulu enables publishing, ensuring that our users’ books are of the highest quality and are available to a broad audience. With Lulu’s print-on-demand technology, books are printed and shipped only when after the order.

Shopify Integration

Every user can share their memoir with the world. The author can start with a little community inside OttoStory where everyone can read the story’s first chapter and then purchase the whole book, thanks to Shopify integration.

OttoStory integrates seamlessly with Shopify, allowing users to promote and sell their books to readers worldwide with just a few clicks.

Testing Optimization

Laravel Shift has greatly improved the testing processes by automating the upgrade process to the latest Laravel version, reducing manual effort and minimizing the risk of introducing bugs.

Also, leveraging Laravel Facade, Lengin developers seamlessly integrated a system to fake requests to OpenAI and Deepgram, significantly reducing the cost associated with actual API calls during the testing phase.

Mock responses through the Facade simulated various scenarios and responses, ensuring 90% coverage of the application’s code.

Results And Impact

Our agile approach allowed us to incorporate feedback quickly and make changes within a short time. Our developers generated and implemented their own ideas, optimized the tasks and testing to enhance the project and fit into the price and deadlines.

As a result of our efforts, we successfully delivered a fully functional platform where users can record, transcribe, and edit their life stories using AI, which are then transformed into a personalized hardback book. Both the front and back ends of the platform were developed by Lengin developers.


“I went through a whole swath of different contractors. I chose Lengin primarily because you seemed the most organized. You had the breakdown of the timeline, costs, sprints and also you have a strong team. I’ve enjoyed working with you.”

Shray Goel
Founder, OttoStory
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Founder, OttoStory
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How did you find Lengin?

I went through quite a few stages of interviews with a whole swath of different contractors. I posted on a few different websites, from UpWork to Dribble to TopTall, and I interviewed a whole bunch of different development teams.

Why did you choose Lengin?

I chose Lengin primarily because you seemed the most organized. You had the breakdown of the timeline, of the costs, and of the sprints. Also, you have a strong team.

Would you recommend Lengin?

I’ve enjoyed working with you. It’s been a very, very positive process. I went through a lot of work to find you, and I’m happy. You have my highest recommendation.

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