Modulos Platform

Web application for complex data analysis and processing

Modulos Platform is an exceptional application that revolutionizes complex data analysis and processing, taking it to unprecedented heights.

With cutting-edge AI technologies and a robust engine, this platform efficiently handles vast volumes of data, granting you invaluable insights and presenting your data in a visually captivating manner. It empowers you to delve deep into your data, enabling comprehensive study and facilitating significant enhancements.

Used Technologies

  • Node.js powered the server-side logic, handling API requests and enabling efficient data processing, analysis, and manipulation tasks.
  • Vue.js ver.3 built the user interface, creating interactive and responsive components for seamless navigation and interaction.TypeScript, with static typing and improved tooling support, enhanced code maintainability and collaboration between front-end and back-end developers.
  • Docker containerized the application, ensuring consistent deployment, simplified scaling, and efficient resource management across different environments.
  • Tailwind CSS streamlined styling using pre-defined utility classes, resulting in a visually consistent and mobile-friendly design.
  • D3.js + native JavaScript facilitated data visualization, transforming datasets into dynamic and interactive plots and graphs for effective exploration and analysis.

The Case

Our partner, Modulos, is a leading company that specializes in developing intricate AI and ML solutions. They required an experienced front-end provider with expertise in working with complex AI back-end systems, capable of transforming data science into user-friendly and convenient interfaces.

Conceptually, our task was to bridge the gap between complex data and user experience, enabling Modulos to deliver comprehensible and user-friendly interfaces for the Modulos Platform.

Luckily, Lengin, as a JavaScript development company, was well-equipped to meet their requirements. Our front-end developers have extensive experience working with complex SaaS products and a deep understanding of intricate back-end systems.

The Challenge

Front-end development for complex Data Science applications has always presented a significant challenge. In this particular case, the task was even more demanding due to the app’s requirement to process vast amounts of complex data, with users needing to interact with and visualize this data through customizable graphics.

From a technical standpoint, the application transfers data from the back end to the front end, where it undergoes processing before being sent back to the back end. This approach was necessary since part of the data processing occurred exclusively on the front-end side. The intricate research graphics were generated on the front-end component.


At Lengin, we prioritize creating user-friendly interfaces for data science applications. Our front-end developers have a culture of ensuring convenience, regardless of the complexity of the app architecture. We understand that for an app to be truly effective, it needs to provide a seamless user experience.

That’s why we focus on designing interfaces that are intuitive and user-centric. With our expertise in UX design, we create visually appealing and hassle-free interactions for data input, analysis, and more. Trust us to deliver a user-friendly app that simplifies data science workflows and enhances productivity.

How does the Platform operate?

1. Sync or upload your data onto the Modulos Platform.

2. Set the properties by selecting the data type, analysis, and goals you aim to achieve, enabling the app to provide tailored solutions.

3. Utilize the reports, insights, and graphics generated by the Modulos AI engine to delve into analysis and customized visuals of your uploaded data.

Uploading Data

Before you begin utilizing the Modulos Platform, there are a series of processes that you need to undergo after uploading your data to the app. Since the app has to handle numerous complex data indicators with various parameters, it is necessary to go through a specific introductory process before delving into studying, analyzing, and gaining insights from your data.

To streamline the pre-working phase effectively, we decided to divide it into distinct stages featuring questions and selectors that visitors must navigate step-by-step, making it look like a user-friendly survey. By providing this information and selecting customized data analysis flows, clients can obtain the most accurate and useful results.

Data Quality Management (DQM)

DQM feature analyzes uploaded datasets, identifying anomalies and data quality issues, and ensuring data integrity.

  • Data Cleansing: The app automatically detects and resolves common data errors, such as missing values, duplicates, and formatting inconsistencies, improving data quality.
  • Data Validation: DQM validates datasets against predefined rules, ensuring adherence to data formats, constraints, and business rules for reliable data.
  • Data Enrichment: Our app enriches datasets by appending relevant data from trusted sources, providing comprehensive insights, and enhancing data quality.
  • Data Quality Metrics: DQM provides users with data quality scores, completeness levels, and visualizations, enabling the assessment of dataset quality.

Dataset Insights

The platform offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to facilitate in-depth exploration of your datasets, equipping you with the necessary tools for thorough data analysis.

Whether you are a data scientist, analyst, or business professional, our platform empowers you to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions based on your data.

Features: Explore individual attributes with data types, unique values, and descriptive statistics.

Interactions: Uncover relationships between features through visualizations and statistical analyses.

Correlations: Visualize correlation coefficients to understand relationships between variables.

Missing Values: Identify and handle missing data, ensuring data completeness and accuracy.

Samples: Explore subsets of data for analysis, visualization, and validation.


The Modulos Platform provides robust support for a wide range of visualization types, including bar and line charts, plots, histograms, heatmaps, and more. Developing a front-end solution for graphics visualization was a complex task, requiring meticulous attention to detail. We prioritized customization, ensuring users can fully customize the visualizations to meet their specific needs. Additionally, we incorporated zoom functionality to enable users to examine the data in greater detail.

To achieve high performance, we utilized pure JavaScript and leveraged the powerful capabilities of the D3.js library, which seamlessly integrated with our project’s technologies. This combination allowed us to deliver fast and reliable graphics generation, enhancing the overall user experience.

Results and Impact

The platform revolutionized data analytics, accelerating analysis, improving decision-making, and streamlining workflows. Through collaboration with Lengin, the app gained an intuitive interface, catering to all users and ensuring a seamless experience. Our front-end specialists excelled at transforming the complex AI back-end into a user-friendly interface.

The platform handles vast volumes of data, delivering invaluable insights and visually captivating presentations. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies and a robust engine enables comprehensive data study and facilitates significant enhancements. With Modulos Platform, delve deep into your data and unlock its full potential.

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“We were lucky with Lengin. High-quality code, smooth communication, the employee’s dedication – we got exactly what we were looking for.”

Keven photo
Keven Le Moing
Tech Lead, Modulos
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Video Interview
Tech Lead, Modulos
Interview insights
What needs did you have before engaging our services?

We were looking for an expert in Vue.js who would be able to implement the different views that we had in mind. We had already had the back-end part and design done.

How and why did you hire Lengin?

We were looking into such a skillful person first on UpWork. Since Lengin had a very good ranking there, we just simply went towards the process. From the beginning, we had a few technical tests within the hiring process, but after that, we agreed that Lengin’s developer Oleg was the right person for us. We were lucky enough to have expertise in front-end development and specifically in Vue.js. We got what we were looking for.

How would you describe the experience of cooperating with Lengin?

All the time, we were feeling very safe in terms of code quality and dedication of the employee. Actually, we want to continue working with Lengin. Oleg was our front-end lead developer for several months and addressed user management, dynamic views, graphs, and plots, along with responsiveness to different views. He came across all the different classic implementations you can encounter as a front-end developer. So it has been a great added value to our company.

What do you appreciate the most in collaboration with Lengin?

What I like the most is that it was a trustworthy relationship. The communication and the management were always smooth in terms of contracts and NDA and everything. We were able to get Oleg up on board very quickly. It was no surprise that it was a very smooth process.

It’s not hard to find a good front-end developer in terms of skills, but someone that is really involved in the project, proactive, and communicates well with the rest of the team is a bit tricky. We were lucky with Lengin.

Would you recommend Lengin to others?

Definitely! I will not only recommend but continue to work with Lengin. It perfectly fits our needs within our product development. We need responsiveness and proactiveness. That’s exactly the kind of partnership we want to continue with.

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