Tech Leading at Robusta

Tech Leadership and Enhanced Features at Robusta

In the Initial Case

As previously mentioned in the initial part of this case, the Robusta company approached us for assistance with the front-end development of their application – an essential tool for DevOps.

Robusta is a people-oriented and friendly tech company. Their project had raised money, and initially, they attempted to find a developer by themselves. As Robusta’s management consists of developers with over 20 years of experience, they knew what specialist the project required; however, there was a lack of skilled developers on the market available. Consequently, they decided to engage an external developer and contacted Lengin.

We carefully studied their specific requirements and offered 2 of our front-end developers. They picked Yuriy, who successfully passed the interview. Before initially starting, he spent 4-5 days onboarding and studying the project so that when he began working, he could immediately make an impact.

Onboarding proved quite challenging, given the project’s complexity, particularly in front-end development. Our client had to allocate some time for Yuriy to adapt, and fortunately, the outcome was highly successful for all parties involved, and it has become a long-term partnership.

What’s Inside Robusta App

Robusta is a SaaS application that supports DevOps in managing and monitoring Kubernetes alerts. The application uses Vue.js and TypeScript on the front end. As its purpose is to monitor performance and help solve problems for thousands of applications, Robusta has to maintain high performance and be bug-free.

Let’s explore some of the valuable functions that Robusta offers. Its ability to effectively address Kubernetes monitoring and operations challenges has been a key driver behind its remarkable commercial success in 2023.

Alerts and Insights

Robusta is a problem-solving all-in-one tool for managing Kubernetes, and a vital part of it is monitoring if all applications are working properly and getting alerted if something works poorly.
As the front-end developers, we implemented a functional alert system, which not only processes thousands of applications running on complex architectures but also conveniently displays if apps are running nice or need to involve specialists to do some changes.

The apps have three types of status:

  • Availability issues
  • Warning events
  • Firing Alerts

Solving Problems Made Simple

When a pod crashes, where should you look? With Robusta, the answer is right within the alert itself. All the troubleshooting data you require is readily available. Investigate immediately without the need for extra context or waiting.

Our application uncovers issues often overlooked by other observability tools. If a pod is OOMKilled, Robusta notifies you promptly—well before your customers notice any problems. Additionally, addressing disk space shortages on your nodes is a breeze when detected early.

Robusta equips you with the essential data for investigation, conveniently located within the alert. We don’t just alert you to issues; we also provide insights into why they occurred.

Streamlined Kubernetes Management

We’ve combined monitoring, observability, and a Kubernetes UI into one platform. Just open Robusta and select your app. All the data you need is right there.

  • App-centric, infra-aware
    We took an application-centric point of view. See applications in all the clusters they live on. When necessary, look at the infrastructure level too.
  • Logs, graphs, and more
    Robusta connects logs, graphs, and Kubernetes objects into a unified data model. Quickly jump from application to logs and graphs. See relevant data without manually correlating separate data sources.
  • Pre-approved actions
    Decide which Kubernetes operations you’d like to expose. Trigger those operations safely via the Robusta UI.
  • Pre-defined dashboards
    Save time on defining dashboards. Our default views were built for your team’s needs.
  • Multi-tenant aware
    Some companies have one cluster per team, and others have one namespace per team. Some companies use Helm charts, others plain YAML.

We’ve considered it all and built Robusta accordingly. However, your team works, and Robusta will work for you.

From Developer to Tech Lead

In our recent interview, Yuriy shared his strong commitment during his time at Robusta. To enhance his efficiency on the project, he often worked extra hours and remained available for communication outside of regular work hours.

We often receive questions from our clients, such as, “What will happen if I like your developer? What if I require a long-term partnership?” Our collaboration with Robusta demonstrates that we are a reliable company. We maintain highly motivated developers who work for you not as external specialists but as integral parts of your team.

Yuriy had been a valuable part of the Robusta team as a developer for 1.5 years. During this time, the project has seen growth in both clients and staff. Recognizing his hard work and efficiency as a front-end developer, Yuriy was promoted to the position of Front-End Tech Lead. Congratulations, Yuriy!

Leading the Front-End Development

As Yuriy has recently been promoted to Tech Lead, it’s noteworthy that he has been the driving force behind all the user interfaces showcased in this portfolio and visible in the Robusta application.

Today, his role involves less coding. He is responsible for orchestrating the task execution process from the moment a developer receives an assignment to its final deployment. Monitoring the development workflow, managing deadlines, and task allocation now fall under his preview.

Results and Impact

When Robusta approached us, their project had yet to achieve commercial success; it was still in the active development stage. Consequently, they needed to find a skilled developer and a proactive individual who genuinely cared about the product they were building, as they initially had tried to find an in-house developer.

The Robusta application we helped to develop has turned out to be efficient, solving real-world problems of complex system architectures. Its extensive features, impressive speed, and robust security make it a must-have tool for DevOps, and there’s nothing quite like it.

After 1.5 years, our collaboration is ongoing, and we hope to enhance Robusta’s development capabilities even more. We’re incredibly proud of our developer, Yuriy, and his journey at Robusta.


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