Fully Customizable CMS for RevUp Dental

Lengin Developers as a Powerful Add-On for RevUp Dental Technical Team

About RevUp Dental

RevUp Dental offers a sales and marketing system designed for dental practices that increases new patient phone calls, appointments, and creates a great return-on-investment.

Technologies Behind RevUp Dental

  • JavaScript (ES6) adds dynamic functionality to web pages, facilitating interactive elements and client-side scripting.
  • REST API provides a standardized way for web services to communicate with each other over HTTP, enabling access to resources and functionalities.
  • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) allows for asynchronous communication between a web server and a client’s browser, facilitating dynamic content updates without requiring a full page reload.
  • MySQL is a relational database management system used for storing and managing structured data, commonly employed in web development to handle data persistence
  • WordPress utilizes these technologies to create and manage websites, offering a user-friendly interface for content editing and customization.
  • HTML and CSS form the foundational markup and styling languages for web content in combination with SCSS that enhances stylesheet development create appealing interface.

The Challenge

Since over 100 dental clinics trust RevUp Dental, the main challenge was inventing universal solutions that can be easily applicable to all the websites with specific layout each.

Also, initially, the biggest issue of all projects was slow speed. That’s why Lengin developers started with thorough optimization of the most consuming elements.

Full Customization

Here lies the uniqueness of the product. WordPress provides the admin with basic customization and the development team delivers the rest, but not with RevUp Dental.

RevUp Dental allows their clients customize colors, icons, templates, fonts, pictures, text and almost everything according to the brand identity or client’s vision.

Due to the user-friendly admin panel, managers can modify the design without the additional involvement of the development team.

RevUp Dental provides many layouts for every page on the dental clinic website. They can be combined in the way that your website looks unique.

At the same time, versatile functionality is bound to be resource-consuming and slow down the system. That’s why optimization became one of the top priorities.

Optimization and User Experience Enhancement

The page speed was not critically slow, but just enough for users to feel frustration. Lengin team focused on the optimization and achieved the maximum performance metrixes.

  • SVG Icons are custom for the client’s preferences in color, so they can’t be loaded just like the default image. As they are inserted on HTML as a tag. It increases the weight of HTML DOM, we created a custom lazyload for these, so it decreases a DOM elements length.
  • Rewriting all jQuery into JavaScript (ES6) and completely removing jQuery from the front-end part of the website.
  • Managing JavaScript libraries and third-party integrations. Now, many third-party integrations are activated after the user’s first interaction, which facilitates the initial page loading.

Video Content Optimization

Video content loading takes too much time and traffic. Movies of any lengths can be added to any section of the website.

Lengin specialist saw an opportunity for significant optimization of the video content that require interaction for playing. This way, the frame, picture and the button are created as static elements that do not requier a lot of traffic.

When the user interacts with the video, the system loads the iframe directly form the YouTube. When the page consists of over 10 videos like testimonials, this trick saves a huge amount of time and eliminates user frustrations.

Google APIs Integrations

Google Places API was integrated to upload text reviews automatically. If there is new feedback from the patient left on the Google page of the clinic, it is added to the website’s testimonial page immediately.

Google Maps API allows to depict the precise location of the clinic on the website using the location mentioned in Google. It enables interactive maps in the footer of the client’s website.

Also, Google APIs integrations enable another interactive feature – indicate whether the place is open or closed and display it on the page taking into account the timezone difference of the user and the clinic.

Clients can change their data independently without a need to involve developers again.

Broken Links Recovery

Since Lengin developers are involved into maintaining processes, they found a way to optimize broken links identifying and recovery through creating a system that checks all the links and creates interactive report with found issues.

Typeform Integration

To book an appointment, patients need to fill in the form with a few questions about their state and preferences. Typeform integration guarantee a simple design and efficient data gathering.

RevUp provides their clients with the typical list of questions, but they can be changed. Also, questions in the FAQ section are changeable according to the specifics of the business.

Lengin Сontribution And Development

In 2022, Lengin became a powerful and reliable add-on to the internal RevUp Dental technical team.

Our developers was responsible for implementing and improving some of the key features of the platform as well as maintenance processes.

The significant contribution is the performance of the websites increase in up to over 30%.


“They work really well within our team and basically feel like our employees. They’ve been better than a lot of the employees that we’ve hired ourselves.”

Nick Fotache
Nick Fotache
Founder, RevUp Dental
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Video Interview
Founder, RevUp Dental
Interview insights
What concerns did you have before engaging Lengin’s services?

We have a large software development team already recruited. Most of the people in our company are tech-focused or developers. So we didn’t want to go down the route of working with an agency. It’s not really your employee. We thought it would be better to have employees under payroll. Why would we work with an agency? What happens if that employee quits the agency and we have been assigned a different developer?

How would you describe the experience of cooperating with Lengin?

We thought this might be good for 2-3 months until we find somebody full-time who will join our company. After working with Lengin’s team, we were left really impressed to the point where we realized we didn’t need to hire a new developer directly. We were happy just to continue to work with this agency.

What do you appreciate the most in collaboration with Lengin?

We’ve been working with them for up to a year now. Time flies and it’s been a great experience. We had a great experience with the developers assigned to us, who were great communicators. They work really well within our team and basically feel like our employees. They’ve been better than a lot of the employees that we’ve hired ourselves.

How did the partnership with Lengin affect your expenses for the team?

The prices were very reasonable. The payroll process is greatly simplified because the agency takes care of all the taxes and legal paperwork. We just get to work with that person. If they had joined us full-time under our company, but plus we would have to do all the payroll, the HR, and everything like that. So I was pleasantly surprised. We’re looking at hiring more people off from their team. It was just a great experience.

Would you recommend Lengin to others?

Highly recommend at least trying them out for a small project. You’d be pleasantly surprised. We hired Lengin’s developers to our team on short notice, and they blew us away to the point that we’re still working with them, so I have nothing but great things to say about them.

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