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“They work really well within our team and basically feel like our employees. They’ve been better than a lot of the employees that we’ve hired ourselves.”

Nick Fotache
Nick Fotache
Founder, RevUp Dental
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Founder, RevUp Dental
Interview insights
What concerns did you have before engaging Lengin’s services?

We have a large software development team already recruited. Most of the people in our company are tech-focused or developers. So we didn’t want to go down the route of working with an agency. It’s not really your employee. We thought it would be better to have employees under payroll. Why would we work with an agency? What happens if that employee quits the agency and we have been assigned a different developer?

How would you describe the experience of cooperating with Lengin?

We thought this might be good for 2-3 months until we find somebody full-time who will join our company. After working with Lengin’s team, we were left really impressed to the point where we realized we didn’t need to hire a new developer directly. We were happy just to continue to work with this agency.

What do you appreciate the most in collaboration with Lengin?

We’ve been working with them for up to a year now. Time flies and it’s been a great experience. We had a great experience with the developers assigned to us, who were great communicators. They work really well within our team and basically feel like our employees. They’ve been better than a lot of the employees that we’ve hired ourselves.

How did the partnership with Lengin affect your expenses for the team?

The prices were very reasonable. The payroll process is greatly simplified because the agency takes care of all the taxes and legal paperwork. We just get to work with that person. If they had joined us full-time under our company, but plus we would have to do all the payroll, the HR, and everything like that. So I was pleasantly surprised. We’re looking at hiring more people off from their team. It was just a great experience.

Would you recommend Lengin to others?

Highly recommend at least trying them out for a small project. You’d be pleasantly surprised. We hired Lengin’s developers to our team on short notice, and they blew us away to the point that we’re still working with them, so I have nothing but great things to say about them.

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Developers who push forward


Front-end dev
React | TypeScript
👨 Moustache owner

7 years


Tech Lead
Vue.js | React | Node.js | TypeScript
🏍️ Biker

9 years


Full-stack dev
Node.js | Vue.js | TypeScript
🗺️ Loves traveling

5 years


Front-end dev
Vue.js. | Nuxt.js | TypeScript
🧩 Board gamer

4.5 years


Tech Lead
Vue.js | Angular | Node.js
📖 Bookworm

6 years


Full-stack dev
React | Angular | Node.js
🏕️ Hiker

5 years

+ 49

We care about results

Every developer you hire provides daily and weekly reports

and comes with free Tech Lead and PM support

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When we are the best fit

Deadlines are looming?

There are many reasons why projects require an urgent development boost. Have you underestimated the time and effort needed to find a tailored developer? Do you want to focus on your core business needs?



No worries, we’ve got you covered. We are the quickest to provide you with the best-fit candidates, sometimes even before the paperwork gets done, as we always keep available developers on the bench.

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“We had tight release deadlines with our stakeholders and urgently needed to find two full-stack developers. We initially tried to do it on our own but quickly realized it was taking too much time. Luckily, we were referred to Lengin, and they turned out to be a real lifesaver!”

David Wenner photo” alt=”Photo”>
David Wenner
Co-Founder, VocalReferences
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The right developer is hard to find?

There are many developers in the market, and it is exhausting to conduct dozens of interviews to find the right person. Even after that, you risk not recognizing the true skills, and the search begins again.



Conducting over 30 interviews to hire a single developer is a routine part of our process. In addition to maintaining high technical expertise, we actively seek motivated candidates with a self-driven attitude.

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“Lengin has gone the extra mile to deliver the project on time and with high quality, meeting the client’s expectations. As an independent CTO, I’m glad I found a company that can always provide great specialists.”

Perlman photo” alt=”Photo”>
Lev Perlman
Founder, Metamindz UK

Remote developers hard to manage?

You have your own stuff to deal with but want to be sure that you are not wasting your time and money so that the development is efficient and meets the deadlines.



Our self-driven developers can work not only under supervision but also as autonomous units. We foster a culture of collaboration, teaching our specialists to work remotely, providing daily and weekly reports.

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“An exceptionally disciplined and highly-skilled team, Lengin delivered the project on time and within budget. The team utilized project management tools and communicated clearly and concisely, ensuring a seamless workflow.”

Daniel photo” alt=”Photo”>
Daniel Dramshev
CEO, Netrocket
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Always active, never silent

Lengin developers understand the importance of communication and regular reports to ensure transparency and your understanding of the progress we achieve


How to hire your Lengin developer?

01 Illustration
Share your project’s
tech requirements

and the soft skills you value the most.
Are you seeking a team player or an autonomous initiator?

02 Illustration
We will match

your detailed requirements with our available developers, presenting you with a few options to select.

03 Illustration
We connect

you directly with our candidates, allowing you to perform any interviews or test tasks you want.

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Onboarding begins

the day after you make your selection.

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When we are the best fit

You need a developer for long-term project

We hire the best engineerrs and aim to connect them with the best clients who require top developers for long-term engagement.

  • Medium tenure 3.2 years
  • Avg. project duration 1.5 years

“My number one concern was around quality, but the output speaks for itself. It’s more like a real partnership. It’s been almost two years, and you could’ve switched your engineer to another project with better profit, and it’d be best for you, but you didn’t!”

” alt=”Photo”>
Natan Yellin
CEO, Robusta
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After 1.5 years our front-end dev got promoted to Tech Lead at Robusta

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You need immediate results and expertise

You need exceptional tech skills, you want a communicative person, who is self-driven and you feel confident about who you work with. You want to hire a developer who cares about the product he works on.

“We were lucky with Lengin. High-quality code, smooth communication, the employee’s dedication – we got exactly what we were looking for.”

Keven photo” alt=”Photo”>
Keven Le Moing Map
Tech Lead, Modulos

Lengin developers got hired for 3 Modulos AI long-term projects

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Still uncertain about hiring a Lengin developer?

Just share your requirements with no obligations.
Within one business day, we’ll send you the CVs of the best talents.

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Still got questions?

How quickly can your developer join my team?

After sharing your requirements, we only need only few days day to present you with options for the best-fit developer, who can join your team as soon as the following day!

What sets your software development company apart from competitors?

We conduct an average of 32 interviews to hire just one specialist. For each core technology, we have a specialized tech lead who conducts technical interviews. We only hire friendly individuals with a self-driven attitude.

What timezone do you work in? What language do you speak?

All of our team members speak English. Most of our team is located in Europe, with a few in the US. However, many developers on our team are willing to work in the client’s timezone for convenient collaboration and communication.

What are your hourly rates?

Our rates start at $29 per hour for strong middle developers, depending on factors such as the preferred collaboration model, specialist skill level, and project duration. It’s important to note that we exclusively offer strong middle or senior developers.

What pricing models do you offer?

At Lengin, we support Fixed Price, Time and Material, and Dedicated Team models, offering to choose the most suitable yourself. Check out all of our collaboration options.

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