Web app for hiring the best-fit professionals

NitroHire is a web app that maximizes companies’ chances of hiring the perfect fit.

It was developed fully customizable – so it could match the corporate identity of the companies using it.

Choosing Best-Fit Technologies


Lengin’s team decided to use Vue.js as it is a wise choice for frontend development from a business perspective due to its fast rendering capabilities, which result in better user experiences and increased customer satisfaction. Its modular architecture and extensive ecosystem also allow for faster development cycles, reducing time-to-market and giving NitroHire a competitive edge.

For testing we chose Cypress as it is an exceptional choice due to its powerful and intuitive testing capabilities, enabling developers to write end-to-end tests with ease. With its real-time reloading, automatic waiting, and comprehensive debugging tools, Cypress significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the testing process.

The Case

Nitrohire sought a software development partner with a high level of expertise in front-end development. Lengin, being a JavaScript development expert, perfectly aligned with the requirements. Consequently, we possessed a comprehensive understanding of both the technical intricacies and the business objectives of the project.

The challenge we faced was that the application had to cater to multiple user types, each with distinct functionalities. Certain users required specific functionalities to be operational, while others sought enhanced interactivity.

How Does NitroHire Work?

  1. Enter the candidate’s e-mail on NitroHire.
  2. Sit back and relax. In a few days get a full report of the candidate’s hard and soft skills from his past co-workers.
  3. Use a well-structured analytical dashboard of all candidates to make the hiring process more effective.

Co-Workers Survey

We made the survey interactive and visually attractive as it consisted of many questions about the candidate, and it would be entertaining for the respondents to answer them. The survey kept the information even if the respondent loses internet connection.It also includes protection to prevent respondents from clicking through too quickly.

Interfaces for two user types

Hiring Manager

NitroHire offers candidate information on soft skills, hard skills, and personality for informed hiring decisions. Feedback from past colleagues, managers, and clients streamlines interviews. With one click, the app gathers honest feedback, analyzes reports, and provides comprehensive summaries.


The Applicant

The app transforms your past colleagues into career ambassadors, aiding your growth in desired roles. By seeking permission, NitroHire gathers feedback on your work from those you’ve collaborated with and shares it with prospective companies. It saves up to 30% of the interview time and provides a solid foundation for your next role.

Candidates Dashboard

We developed a functional and convenient interface for company HR managers. It had to be comfortable to work with, as it contains all the information about candidates, but also functional.

  • Candidates list
  • Key profile indicators
  • Sorting and Filter functions
  • Specialties list
  • Search
  • Notifications

Candidate’s Report

Considering that this report was mainly intended for HR professionals tasked with making decisions about candidates, we made a deliberate choice to enhance its interactivity, aiming to facilitate their workflow. Having short and full report versions, it has a PDF export option.

Results and Impact

We have successfully developed an application tailored to streamline the hiring process, particularly for large enterprises.

Within the interface, we have seamlessly integrated all the essential functions while ensuring the optimal performance of the application.

The result of our work met all the technical and business goals set at the beginning of the project.


“It was a pleasure to work with Lengin. They’re on my list of favorite people I can talk to if I need help with development.”

Dmytro photo
Dmytro Goncharov
Lead Engineer, NitroHire
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Video Interview
Lead Engineer, NitroHire
Interview insights
What specific requirements did you have before engaging our services?

We were looking for a team who could help us with front-end development. Our tech stack is Vue.js for the front end, Cypress for testing, and Storybook to document our front end. It was a bit of a challenge to find the right person to fit in our product and our team from a soft and hard skills perspective. And we found Lengin.

What do you appreciate the most about our partnership?

Long story short: it was a pleasure to work with you. We have been working with you for the last nine months, and I really like how punctual you are as a team. Glib, the main developer of our project, is very responsible and professional.

What I like the most is that he’s not just doing what is assigned to him, but if he sees any opportunities to improve our product or if he finds any bugs or anything – he reports and tries to make the product better. He’s really involved in the development.

Can you highlight any particular case that Lengin helped you with?

We had a case when we needed to speed up our development. We had tight deadlines, and we needed someone to help us speed up this particular sprint. Since it is not that easy to find the right person, right team, and company in general, and you need to spend a lot of time, I talked to you

Would you recommend Lengin to other companies?

For sure, I recommend Lengin. You’re on my list of favorite people I can talk to if I need help with development. I’m happy that we found you for sure.

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